invet zoo

Invet Zoo



          Company Invet has started to work on Pet Direction and through the brand of "Invet Zoo" offers high-quality European products: Medicines, vaccines, food, feed additives and accessories for domestic animal (for dogs and cats).

Invet Consulting group of professional veterinarians will help you to look after your pets in a right way and to take care of them, to prevent and defeat any disease, to choose the medicine and food, which is necessary for healthy lifestyle of your companion animal.


          Invet Zoo offers a wide range of products: dry food for dogs - economy class, cat food – economy class, antiparasitic drops for dogs – Antiflea and Antitick drops for dogs, antilmintic – against larva in dogs, antiparasitic and antihelmintic for cats, vitamins, vaccines for dogs and cats, medicines, disinfectants, antiseptics and means of hygiene, dogs and cats accessories.

"Invet Zoo" is presented by such leading European brands as Ceva Sante Animale (France); Laboratorios Hipra (Spain); Visan (Spain); Sogeval (France); Interchemie (Netherlands); Orion Pharma( Финляндия);



 "Invet Zoo" – health guarantee and a caring friend for your Pets.