invet feed


 “Invet feed” as “Invet” Daughter Company has occurred on Georgian market since May 14, 2015.

Under the projects of "Produce in Georgia" and "Co-financing of Agro Processing and Storage Enterprises", company “Invet Feed” has built a new factory In Mtskheta with modern technologies and powerful capacity (8-10 t / h) and started production of compound food for poultry and animal.

"Invet feed" offers farmers a wide range of assortment of compound food and feed additives for poultry and animal according to the age groups.

The product is produced for poultry, cattle, pig and rabbit farming.

The factory has its own laboratory equipped with modern technologies, where the quality of raw material and finished product is checked in optimal terms.

The company is focused on development of Georgian production; therefore the main advantage is the usage of local raw materials in its production and developing high-quality Georgian products.

In 2019, a granulate line was added to the feed factory, that resulting feed quality improvement and increase of assortment. As a result, the same year, Invet Feed was given an opportunity to export its products to Armenia.
The company is actively involved in international exhibitions, which will help to expand its export market in the future.