About company

Company Invet, Leader in Veterinary sphere, counts 20 years of successful activity on Georgian Market.

Company’s career started in 2001 when the livestock service center was founded. Since its foundation, Invet exclusively provides import and realization of the latest European standards veterinary products. Company quickly got advantage on the market by providing high quality veterinary service, innovative approaches and implementing modern technologies. In just 3 years Invet was able to open 3 service centers and create a distribution network.

In 2005 Invet started cooperation with pharmaceutical company “Davati”. As a result, new product of the local production – veterinary medicine has appeared on the market, Invet’s and Davati’s production based on Dutch primary goods, differ with high quality and efficiency. For now more than 50 types of veterinary drugs have been developed and produced, which are in a high demand not only on the local market, but are also successfully exported,


In 2006-2010 years number of European partners had increased and Invet became an exclusive representative of several global, leading veterinary companies, including Ceva (France), Interchemie (Netherlands), Biochek (Netherlands), Biomin (Austria), Hipra (Spain) and others.

In 2010, company made rebranding and appeared on the market with a renewed name, reliable brand  image and a strong team.

In 2014 Company made diversification of its activities and  was originated as “Invet Group”, which combines the following directions:

  1. “Invet Product” (Veterinary products)
  2. “Invet Service” (Veterinary service/modern technologies)
  3. “Invet Feed” (Feed additives/compound food)
  4. “Invet Zoo” (Pet products and service)

Today the company owns 14 branches and 3 warehouses in regions of Georgia, one  head office in Tbilisi and distribution network covering the whole country.

Invet offers its customers wide range of products including: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, vaccines, vitamins, minerals, disinfectants, feed additives, pet production, balanced food for poultry and livestock.


Since 2015 company owns ISO 9001-2008 quality management international certificate, which ensures company’s management effectiveness. While providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for personnel, Invet appears as one of the best employers with its increased team in veterinary field. The company constantly cares for employers’ development and improvement of organizational structure.


Company actively uses the governmental support and since 2016 has started developing new direction in production industry.  Within the state projects “Produce in Georgia” and “co-financing of agro processing and storage enterprises”, Invet started local production and build  high-technology factory producing high-quality balanced food for animal and poultry conforming HACCP system requirements.

In 2019, a granulation line was added to the feed factory, that resulting improved feed quality and an increased feed range.
Invet has successfully settled on the international market and since 2017 has been exporting medicines produced by Davati to Azerbaijan, and since December 2019 - compound feed produced by Invet Feed to Armenia.


LTD “Invet Group” constantly participates in international conferences and exhibitions in order to increase brand awareness, get to know competitors and colleagues, and develop international trade relations. For this purpose, our company participated in the following international exhibitions: VIV MEA - held in the United Arab Emirates, namely in Abu Dhabi; VIV POULTRY AFRICA 2022 - in Africa, in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali; "Agro Expo Uzbekistan 2022" - in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan; "Caspian Agro 2022" - in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku; ARMENIA EXPO 2021 - in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, in the sports concert complex named after Karen Demirchiani; INTERCHEMIE Veterinary Workshop in the Netherlands and more.


In addition, "Invet Group" is a leading organizing company of international conferences and events in Georgia, in the field of veterinary medicine. Invet Group laid the foundation for the organization of various international conferences in the Caucasus region (International Poultry Industry Conference 2022, CEVA & BIOMIN INTERNATIONAL POULTRY MASTERCLASS, Ceva Poultry Seminar 2022...). The conference was attended by well-known and leading Georgian and foreign companies working in the field of veterinary medicine, representatives of educational and scientific institutions, such as: Interchimie - Netherlands, Ceva - France, Biomin - Austria, NOR-FEED SAS and Synthese Elevage - France; Nagel Feed Ingredients - Germany; PB Nord, Avicola Teovera and AvitehPas - Moldova; PF Ternopolskaya and Zahid-Agromix - Ukraine; УП "МВСервис" and Vitebsk Veterinary Academy - Belarus; Wellrise - Uzbekistan; Poultry Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan and etc.


Each year Invet continues to grow and offers a lot of interesting innovations to its consumers